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What to Expect

Working with Athena will assure you. . .

Expertise & Professionalism

Our skilled team is here to support your business as you establish, develop, and/or cultivate your HR framework. We have over 45 combined years of experience in a variety of industries. You will experience professionalism, reliability, accountability, and comprehensive care that will ensure your company is operating optimally when it comes to your human resources obligations.

Tailored HR Services

Every organization is unique, so we know HR solutions cannot be one-size fits all. Athena is a boutique HR consulting group that provides you with specialized recommendations and services based solely on your current and future HR requirements. We give you the priority and attention you need to optimize your Human Resources functions.

Honesty & Practicality

We make recommendations that are practical and that we believe are necessary for your company to achieve its goals. We will NOT try to ‘sell you services’ that do not fit your budget and/or objectives.

IF we do not feel we are the right fit for you or you for us, we will provide an honest recommendation.

Our pricing plan is developed after we have a thorough understanding of the HR solutions that will meet your unique organizational aspirations. We may need to re-evaluate this plan as new information is presented that impacts our services. Throughout the process we will be forthright and immediately define necessary modifications.

Ultimately, our goal is to enhance your organization’s HR functionality and maximize your success as an employer of choice in your industry and region.

Let's get started. . .

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