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Initial Consultation

When you reach out to Athena HR Consulting, our initial meeting will start with us getting to know each other. We want to hear about your organization so we can understand your goals and objectives, and your culture. We will listen to your needs and work together to determine how we can help you meet those needs and add value to your organization.

There are many reasons organizations reach out for HR consultancy services. Our years working in the HR arena have shown us that often there are just not enough hours in the day for your HR Team to meet all the demands placed on them, so a little assistance in one area or another can go a long way. We also know that however large or small your HR team may be, you are wearing many hats and it is difficult to be an expert in everything, especially with the ever-evolving employment landscape.

  • Address employee concerns

  • Measure your market competitiveness with pay and benefits

  • Develop an employee handbook or review policies

  • Plan for retirement of key employees

  • Look at restructuring or reorganization options

  • Hire key employees

  • Further develop team skillsets

  • Be proactive with compliance and/or new laws and regulations

  • Look at or develop key metrics to get the true picture

  • Enhance your HR operations alongside your growing business

Would you like to. . .

. . . or ask about any other HR matters?

Whatever your reason for reaching out to us, we can help secure the right solutions and will ensure you are 100% confident in our integrity and expertise before we move forward.

Athena will bring solutions to you in whatever capacity meets your business needs. . .

Advisory Services

Help develop your HR confidence at every stage of your business growth.
We will partner with you to navigate complex HR challenges and enhance your HR confidence with informed decision-making. Regulatory compliance, navigating workforce changes, culture development, employee engagement, and formalizing HR operations alongside your growing business are just a few of the demanding tasks you may face where we can provide support.

Project-Based Support

When you don’t have the time or resources to accomplish every HR project in-house.
Whether you need a one-off training, assistance implementing a new HRIS, want to conduct a job analysis or compensation analysis, need support with a key role, or any number of specific projects, we will see you through to a successful outcome.

Ongoing Partnerships

Your confidence in our services allows us to assist in your continued success.
As you gain confidence in us, we become a partner in your ongoing success. Whether we connect with you on a monthly, annual, or more regular basis, we look forward to growing with your business and helping you achieve your strategic goals.

HR Outsourcing

Taking care of one or more HR functions so you can focus on the big picture.
When your HR needs do not require an in-house HR team or maybe you just do not have the staff for one or more specific HR function, we will step in to provide regular assistance so you can keep all the wheels in motion.


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