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HR Compliance / Audit Support

HR Solutions

HR Compliance Areas

  • Multi-State Laws and Regulations


  • Drug and Alcohol Programs

  • Affirmative Action Plans and Federal Contracts     

  • “The Bermuda Triangle” ~ FMLA, Workers’ Compensation, ADA

HR ‘Internal’ Audits  

  • HR Processes

    •  Evaluation, Development, and Implementation     

  • Employee Records 

    • I9s, Personnel/Medical Files    

  • Internal Controls

Organizational ‘External’ Audit Support    

  • DOL, DOT     

  • Personnel/Payroll     

  • OSHA     

  • Affirmative Action

Compliance is a critical and challenging element in all areas of business, and human resources plays a key role in ensuring your HR practices are fair, consistent, and lawful. Job industry standards, employment laws, and government regulations are constantly changing; consequently, HR compliance practices should be reviewed at least annually through an internal HR audit. The risk of non-compliance includes civil lawsuits, mandated government audits, fines, and penalties. Athena can partner with you to review best practices in HR compliance areas, how to conduct thorough internal HR audits, and how to prepare for an external audit in the event you receive a notification from a government entity.

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Advisory Services

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Project-Based Support

Ongoing Partnerships

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HR Outsourcing

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