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Policy Development / Handbooks

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Your employee handbook, manual, policy guide ~ or whatever you choose to call it ~ should be a picture into your organization. It is so much more than just the “rules and policies” employees are supposed to follow. It is a statement of who you are on every page. Athena will bring creative recommendations for policies and/or handbooks that will engage employees, be a resource for your employees, your leadership & your business, and offer legal/compliance guidance.

  • Why do you need a handbook or policy guide?

    • Employer and Employee Expectations

    • The “why” behind the policies

  • Policy “Must Haves”

    • Required Policies, Notices and Disclaimers

    • Employment Relationship

    • Employment Basics

  • Who are you as an organization?

    • History

    • Culture

    • Values

    • Vision 

  • What makes your organization a great place to work?

    • Benefits and Extras

    • Compensation and Growth Opportunities

    • Workplace Environment, Guidelines, and Safety

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Advisory Services

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Project-Based Support

Ongoing Partnerships

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HR Outsourcing

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