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Talent Selection

HR Solutions

We all know having the right people in the right positions at the right time is critical to the success of any organization. Often what we do not know is how to go about selecting the “right people”. Whether you have hundreds of applicants or just a few, there are multiple steps to the selection process and many factors to consider with each step. The Athena team is ready to help you shore up your selection process to avoid a misstep, and maybe even get a step ahead when it comes to selecting team members. Will you “hire right” every time? No! With Athena’s assistance, however, you can feel confident that you have a process that is consistent and compliant, in line with your culture, and easy for your recruiting team and hiring managers to embrace and implement.



Assess / Evaluate

Select and Offer

  • Know what you can and cannot consider in the screening process

  • Determine the best style of interview for the position

  • Understand the DOs and DONT'S of interviewing questions

  • Learn the variety of options and tools available to assess and select candidates

  • Evaluate what to take into consideration when it comes to the offer

  • Discover appropriate documentation at each level of the hiring process

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Advisory Services

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Project-Based Support

Ongoing Partnerships

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HR Outsourcing

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