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HR Strategic Planning

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Whether you are a larger or smaller organization, for-profit or not-for-profit, one of your success factors is that you have used some type of strategic planning and management to set goals, align your resources to meet those goals, and provided positive results for your stakeholders. It is critical that each department, including HR, is aligned with the overall business strategy and that their policies, practices, and programs are evaluated for their strategic impact.


Many HR teams do not have the bandwidth or expertise to build and implement

an efficient HR Strategic Plan. The Athena team can help you develop

an effective HR Strategic Plan that focuses your resources on

activities that add value at all points of the employment

management cycle.

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We take a purposeful approach to strategic planning and management which includes:

  • Formulation

  • Development

  • Implementation

  • Evaluation

Recognizing that one plan does not fit all organizations, we help you create a plan that can absorb incremental adjustments and is built for emergent change. 

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Advisory Services

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Project-Based Support

Ongoing Partnerships

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HR Outsourcing

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